Landscape Design and Install



Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are an excellent way to add shape and/or dimension to your property. A Retaining Wall helps to keep the soil in place, helping plants and grass beds that are located in areas that are sloped or prone to erosion. A Retaining Wall can give you a more level outdoor space as well as preventing valuable nutrients in the soil from being swept away by the harsh West Virginia elements.

A Retaining Wall is more than just a method of saving and enriching your soil. When properly constructed, they can form levels to your property, which can prove extremely useful in landscaping design. Retaining Walls allow you to section off a specific area of your property, such as a flower bed or garden, or construct levels around a BBQ pit or sitting area to provide shelter from the elements.


Patios and Walkways

Compliment your home or business and enhance your lifestyle with a paver or natural stone patio, and/or walkway. These elements are classic ways to add beauty and property value. As an extension of your home or business, a sitting area and new outdoor living space will be aesthetically pleasing, eye catching, and functional. 

Pavers and natural stone are classic and beautiful standing alone and are impressionistic solutions to bring other hardscape/landscape elements together including sitting walls, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor bars, outdoor kitchens, landscape designs, and yet not limited to simple solutions like creating paver landings for high traffic areas. Whether you have dogs, you have worn down a path yourself that just turns to a muddy mess after it rains, you are tired of the unattractive concrete sidewalk, or maybe dreaming of a whole new outdoor living area to entertain or relax, Tussey Enterprsises can design a custom, cost-friendly solution.

Pavers and natural stone are also excellent options when accenting or filling in areas around a pool or spa. Tussey Enterprsises uses a wide array of materials from clay brick pavers, plaza pavers, vintage pavers, Flagstone, and other natural stone to ensure the enhancement, accent, and functionality to the surrounding area of the project. 

Mulch Production


Hedge & Shrub Trimming


Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Which limbs do you trim and how much do you remove?  Shrub trimming and pruning are essential in the spring for proper growth. Shrubs, as well as bushes and perennials, should have dead foliage removed and trimmed to promote the healthiest foliage during the growing season.

Without trimming and pruning, many shrubs are more susceptible to disease and may suffer from overcrowding due to excess growth. Visually, untrimmed shrubs will appear shaggy and unkempt, and the overgrowth. Shrub trimming in the spring is the most important time for stimulating new branches and filling in the shape of your trees and shrubs. Most shrubs will respond to professional trimming and pruning with healthy, balanced growth, not to mention your shrubs will maintain their appeal longer into the season.

Tussey Enterprises Landscaping experienced crews can identify how to identify dead and diseased branches even when the full budding of summer growth hasn’t yet occurred.

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