Have you thought about how you are going to clean up your leaves this year?

  • Do you plan to rake them up again and bag them like last year?
  • Maybe run over them with the lawn mower 20 times?
  • Blow them into the neighbors yard?
  • Drag them on a tarp to your curb?

Save yourself the time and effort and dedicate those labor intensive services to the professionals at Tussey Enterprises. 

Tussey Enterprises offers full season leaf and debris clean up.

Our Spring and Fall Clean-up service includes; blowing and raking the leaves from your yard, beds blown clear of leaves, leaf stick and branch collection, and proper disposal.  Leaf removal is essential to help protect your lawn. Heavy layers of leaves left over the winter can induce or encourage growth of bacteria. We offer free estimates for our Spring and Fall Clean-up service and can even package it into a regular lawn maintenance plan for you.

We have leaf clean up down to a science and with our leaf vacuum we can do it twice as fast! Don’t let leaves sit and damage your lawn, allow us to help with your clean up needs. 

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