Tussey Enterprises offers a variety of turf applications to help create and maintain a healthy lawn. We offer 3 lawn treatment plans including:
  and plans. Our most common lawn care program is outlined below however we custom tailor programs to your individual needs. Consider this program as you begin establishing roots in your neighborhood…

 Silver Program: 6 applications + Grub Control 

  • Early Spring- Liquid or Granular Fertilizer designed to help green up the lawn fast from those long months of cold dormancy and Broad leaf spot or full coverage broadleaf weed control.
  • Mid Spring Pre-emergent Application- applies a protective microscopic barrier across the surface of the soil where your turfgrass grows. This thin barrier prevents many weed seeds like crabgrass, from developing later in the growing season. Our special Pre-Emergent Application is active for about 3 months -- those 3 months that weed seeds are likely to sprout. Provides an optimum balance of nutrients for root growth that will help the turfgrass plants better endure the stress of summer extremes.

  • Late Spring-Early Summer Application- includes a balanced granular or liquid fertilizer that provides the right mix of nutrients and micro elements necessary for optimum growth and health without rapid growth requiring increased mowing. We also spot treat for broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and plantain.

  • Summer Application- Spot treatment for any weeds that may have developed since our last visit. We also look for signs of any crabgrass that may have germinated since our pre-emergent application in the spring. Grub Control is applied during this application. 

    • Grub Control Application- if you're not familiar with grubs, they are the larval stage of many different beetles that emerge in early summer. While most soils have some grubs, it is when they reach a certain point where their shear numbers are too much for even a healthy lawn to recover and large dead spots. This is especially likely in lawns that are regularly irrigated. Our grub control program insures that these insects do not reach that critical mass.
  • Late Summer/Early Fall Application- as the days begin to grow shorter, we pay special attention to any signs of insect infestations that may create problems for your lawn. We also look for any symptoms of lawn diseases. Lawn diseases can happen to any lawn IF the conditions are right. Your lawn will also receive a fertilizer that will keep your soil balanced for optimum root growth.

  • Late Fall Winterizer Application- Slow Release Fertilizer insures that your lawn is healthy, and vigorous through what are usually the best growing conditions of the entire year. Special attention is given to providing the right mix of nutrients for strong and deep turfgrass root growth. This application extends the beauty of your lawn well into the cooler months depending on weather conditions, and even after the air temperatures drop below freezing, the turfgrass roots will continue developing for weeks, meaning that next year, your lawn will be healthier, thicker and green up sooner.

Applications begin around March 1st and taper off in December. Lawn care applications are usually performed approximately 4-6 weeks apart, depending upon what time of the season we’re in. One of the great features of our TurfGrass program is how simple it is to include supplemental applications. Supplemental lawn care applications are those little “extras” that support your lawn integrity and promote dense healthy grass. 

Supplemental applications Can be added to any program for enhanced results:

  • Core Aeration                                                       
  • Overseeding
  • Surface Insecticide- Grub Control
  • Secondary blanket weed control spray
  • Nutsedge control
  • Lime or Gypsum applications
  • Wild Violet Control 2x’s (Difficult to Control weed, specific timing required to eradicate)
  • Nutsedge Control 
  • Bermuda Control Renovation
  • Fall/Winter Pre-Emergent 
  • Disease Control
  • Mole Control Preventing Mole Invasions
  • Natural Organic Programs Offered 


Of those applications listed above, the most common supplemental applications to be added to a lawn care program are Core Aeration, Overseeding, and Surface Insecticide treatments.

While aerating and overseeding are performed to build your turf or thicken the stand of grass already on your property, the surface insecticide works to limit the number of “critters” in your lawn. If your lawn is a regular place for family time or home to household pets, this application might be for you.

What does a lawn care program cost? That’s a great question. The price for your lawn will be based off of the actual conditions of your property and the goals you wish to achieve through your lawn care program.


There are three main ingredients needed for grass to grow: Sunlight, Water and Nutrients. Fertilizer is what provides these nutrients in the soil. It is the food your lawn needs to grow strong and full. It doesn’t matter how much light your lawn gets or how diligent you are about watering – if you don’t fertilize the soil properly, the lawn will suffer. Yard clippings do however account for approx 23% of nutrients if left and not bagged after a mowing. 

Fertilization is the process of adding these nutrients to the soil. The key nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These basic elements are essential to the growth of plants including grasses. As long as these elements are introduced to the soil in a controlled way, you’re fertilizing. The only thing to remember is that you have to make sure not to introduce too much too quickly. Just like overwatering can kill plants and grass, putting too much fertilizer on your lawn can destroy it as well. This is where Tussey Enterprsises skilled and trained professional Commercial Applicators and Registered Technicians come into play with timely applications and guaranteed results. 


Your ornamental trees and shrubs are one of the largest landscape investments. That's why it's so important to take care of them correctly. Our tree and shrub care can ensure that your tree and shrub's overall appearance and more importantly, their health remain intact. 

Our tree and shrub care services are designed to provide your landscape's big features with the right care including proper nutrition. Let us create a specialized program for your landscape.


Our Basic Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program for shrubs and trees up to 35 feet in height includes the following applications and treatments:

  • Spring Dormant Oil Spray (March & April) for control of over-wintering egg masses such as Scale, Wooly Adelgid and other harmful insects.
  • Spring Foliage and Mite Spraying (May & June). For control of foliage feeding insects including Leaf Miners and cool season mites.
  • Summer Foliage and Mite Spray (July & August). For control of Summer Foliage feeding insects and mites.
  • Optional Tree and Shrub Services:
  • Granular Shrub Bed Ferilization
  • Pre-Emergence for Shrub Beds
  • Winter Overcoat Spray
  • Fall Dormant Oil Spray
  • Mauget Injection for Fertilization and treatment of tree diseases.
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